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How do I properly fill up a vape cartridge?

Most of the vape cartridges on the market are top-fill, meaning that you will fill them from the top (underneath the mouthpiece). First, make sure your oil solution is cool before you inject any oil into the empty vape cartridge. If your solution is still warm it could damage some of the seals inside the cartridge which will cause leak issues. Second, inject the solution very slowly and on a slight angle when hand-filling to reduce back pressure on the inside components. Lastly, cap the mouthpiece quickly after filling it and set the vape cartridge upside down for 12-24 hours. There are gases that cause expansion shortly after they are poured into the cartridge. If you leave the cartridge upright (not upside down) the gases tend to push through the bottom of the 510 thread (the path of least resistance) taking the oil solution with it. When you invert the cartridges (upside down) for 12-24 hours the pressure is able to be released through the 510 thread without taking any oil with it.

What is the most common vape cartridge size?

The most common size is either 0.5ml or 1.0ml. Over 80 percent of the vape cartridges sold are either 0.5ml or 1.0ml.

What are the advantages of buying 1.0ml vape cartridges?

It seemed like all of 2017 people were only interested in the 0.5ml size. As the cost of oil solution decreased it became feasible to offer a larger 1.0ml cartridge that was double the size of the 0.5ml. The 1.0ml cartridges are a win-win situation. They are good for the manufacturers and the end customer. It takes half the time to fill one 1.0ml cartridge than it does to fill two 0.5ml ones. Plus, less materials, less labor, and a larger sale. The customer wins because they receive a discount for buying a 1ml cartridge over two separate 0.5ml cartridges.

What’s better wick or ceramic coil?

This has a lot to do with preference. Both are good in their own respects. Some people complain that the wick gives off a burnt taste, but we have heard the same issue with ceramic coils. Wick cartridges are very dependable and good to the last drop (they get every last bit of oil) whereas ceramic coil carts tend to leave some solution behind. But ceramic carts are ultimately cleaner and provide the most optimal vaping experience which is why all the big professional atomizers are made with ceramic or quartz coils as opposed to wicks. There are still some large brands that use wick cartridges, although most companies are switching to glass and metal ceramic coil vape cartridges.

Why won’t my vape cartridge work with my vape battery?

This is a typical situation. Some batteries are not powerful enough to work with certain vape cartridges. For example, the automatic 280mah batteries (that have no push-button) only work with wick style cartridges. If you try to hook up one of these skinny non-push button batteries to a ceramic coil cartridge, it will not work. There are certain batteries that will work with any vape cartridge. The 650mah, 900mah, and 1100mah push button style work with any cartridge on the market.

What is the max voltage I want to use with the 510 thread cartridges?

We would advise not to go over 4.0 volts. We prefer 3.5 – 3.7 volts. Any more than 4 volts and you have a good chance to fry out the wick or ceramic coil. If you fry the wick or coil then you have a useless cartridge. You will have to extract whatever oil you can (you will lose some oil that will be unextractable) and transfer it over to a new cartridge. It is time consuming, messy, and you will need a special syringe to remove whatever oil you can. Sometimes one puff off a strong battery and the cartridge is done for it. You want to sure your vape battery is set below 4.0 volts before purchasing or using.

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