Under the auspices of Healthy Place Now, we have a revolutionary model - with zero investment and no risk. Healthy Place Legacy is our global initiative to help nonprofit organizations to achieve their fundraising goals, while promoting a true approach to natural wellness


Healthy Place Legacy offers 100% organic Healthy Place Botanicals' products that have amazing research-based health benefits.


Our distinct product offering is, instead of candy, cookie dough, popcorn etc. the Healthy Place Legacy model facilitates better health, greater wealth and provides a legitimate mechanism to bring superior quality, 100% toxin-free products into your organization, community...etc and for those efforts to become a monthly recurring fund-building resource for your organization. This is a win-win-win value proposition!


Get more information about the program. Visit https://www.healthyplacelegacy.com/
Use 2020 Organics as your referral when filling out the contact form.